With the season started and training on twice a week, in the unfortunate event of an injury here is some info. around the club's insurance policy and some other helpful tips for post injury recovery.

The Breakaway’s have signed up with JLT this year for Platinum cover. The policy covers injuries both from game days and training.

**In addition to the platinum coverage included for 2017, we would still recommend private health insurance options**

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Submit a claim online

Or download forms below and send to:



Or GPO Box 1693 Adelaide SA 5001

Claims Enquiries:

Phone: 1800 640 009

Accident Claim Form.pdf Accident Claim Form.pdf
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jlt brief of what's covered

In general, all football activities are covered. This includes matches, training, functions, meetings and the like (anywhere in Australia). The Program provides competitively broad protection across the below areas.

Codie Briggs (Breakaways) having some fun with Jen Lew (Syd Uni). Crunch!h!

JLT Definition of an ‘injury’

A physical and bodily injury which happens accidentally to you and results directly and independently of any other cause in any of the events for which compensation is payable under this section within 180 days of the date of the occurrence of such injury.

Always provided the injury is sustained by you during the period of insurance. Injury does not include any injury which is ordinarily described as sickness or a disease”


Included here are the most commonly asked questions we get, although if you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the President of our club.

I need to make a claim… When do I submit my form? As mentioned above the claim is to be submitted to JLT insurance 180 days post the initial date of the injury, using the Attached form ‘Accident Claim Form’ above.

What form do I complete? See attached form ‘JLT Personal Accident Claim Form' My rehabilitation is ongoing, do I have to do two separate claims? The claim form has a section for you specialist (doctor, physio, chiro, surgeon) to complete which includes the length of rehab required, or number of sessions.

You can make a claim prior to completing all required sessions in which you will receive a claim number. Any further claims for rehab costs you link to the initial claim number to avoid paying multiple excess costs.

What type of coverage do the Breakaways have?

We are proud to say that in the best interest of member welfare have platinum coverage.

Do the Breakaway’s have JLT income protection insurance? No.

What is covered by JLT? The AFL National Risk Protection Program’s Personal Accident cover provides some reimbursement for Non-Medicare Medical costs and/or Loss of Income cover for 12 months from the date of injury.

Loss of Income Cover is not automatically provided. If you are considering a Loss of Income claim, please check that your club has purchased Loss of Income cover before completing Section C.

Commonwealth Legislation prevents reimbursement of Medicare costs including the Medicare Gap. Non-Medicare Medical Benefits are covered up to the limits outlined below.

Physio costs Chiro Costs Specialist equipment required (eg. Ice packs, medications as required, rehabilitation devices etc) Ambulance Dental Private Hospital accommodation.

What is not covered by JLT? The following examples demonstrate some areas not covered by the Personal Accident cover:

Medicare items (see below); – the Medicare Gap (see below); – Injuries sustained whilst playing against medical advice – Surgeon – Surgeons Assistant – X-rays – Anesthetists – Doctors

Medicare is a Commonwealth Government program that provides free or subsidised treatment from medical professionals such as doctors and specialists.

The Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) lists the items that are eligible for a Medicare rebate. Sometimes, your doctor or specialist may charge more than the Medicare rebate, which may leave you with out-of-pocket expenses. This is commonly called the “Medicare Gap”.

Section 126 of The Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) does not permit the Insurer or the JLT Trustee to reimburse any part of a Medicare Item (this includes the Medicare Gap).

This means that if your treatment is listed on the Medicare Benefits Scheme, it is not claimable through the AFL National Risk Protection Program.

For further information about Medicare please or

What do I need for completing my claim form?

Make sure you keep a copy of all receipts and claim details

  • Original copies of receipts
  • Private health insurance details
  • Specialist letters/findings

  • Doctors sign off
  • Details of injury (Date, condition of ground, location address, weather conditions, how it occurred etc.)
  • Your bank details
  • Club Name: “Newtown Breakaways Football Club Inc.”
  • League Name: Women’s AFL NSW/ACT
  • Loss of income cover?: NO
  • Employer details


If you have unfortunately sustained an injury you will most likely require an MRI.

X-rays and visits to a specialist via the public system offer these services with no (or minimal) out of pocket costs.

If you go through RPA emergency with your injury you will then be eligible to go through their specialist clinics at no costs (specialists and orthopedic surgeons can cost anywhere from $110 per visit upwards).

In the case of surgery required, most individuals are eligible to go through the public system with nil or minimal costs. However, the wait list for surgery might also be longer time wise.

RPA Physio services are also excellent.

Private Health insurance: Do you know what you’re entitled to?


Have you recently checked what extras you are entitled to? What surgeries are covered? Is your insurance appropriate? Give your provider a call and see what you are and aren’t covered for, eg.

Although your insurance may say covered for ‘knee replacement’ this is very different to ‘knee reconstruction’ or ‘Knee Arthroscopes’.


In the unfortunate case of requiring a reconstruction and you aren’t covered this could mean the difference between $500 out of pocket expenses and $8,000. For an Arthroscope, it could mean the difference between $500 out of pocket expenses and $4,000.

What’s the cost of adding in extras and upgrading surgery options?

This is highly dependent on the provider and your current health cover.

HCF, Policy title “Young Singles & Couples”.

It includes; Physio, Chiro, Dental, Knee surgeries 100%, $0 excess for same day hospital surgeries, Ambulance, Osteopathy, exercise re-rehabilitation. The cost of adding in knee surgery only changed the total cost about $10 per month, with the rebate time and service being exceptional.

$10 per month VERY well spent. Most providers will offer a similar option for active singles, young couples and students. Handy extras to have; Physio, Chiro, Dental.

don't risk it! If you aren’t cleared to play by your doctor, physio or specialist. you aren’t covered by insurance!