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Breakaways Team Song

A Breakaway is all I wanna be
No better for you, no worse for me
We have lots of skill and lots of class
You better watch out we'll kick your ass

A Breakaway is a football star
Watch us play and you'll know who we are
We're the ones in the red and white
We'll blow you away cause we are dynamite

A Breakaway is all I wanna be
No better for you, no worse for me
We have lots of skill and lots of class
You better watch out we'll kick your ass

AFL Rules - Laws of the Game 2016

The purpose of the Laws of the Game is to explain how a Match of Australian Football is played and seek to attain the following objectives:

a) to ensure that the game of Australian Football is played in a fair manner and a spirit of true sportsmanship; and

b) to prevent injuries to players participating in a Match so far as this objective can be reasonably achieved in circumstances where Australian Football is a body contact sport.

Watch the 2017 Laws of Australian Football video intro below.

Access more Laws of the Game Videos  Here!

These videos will take you through all the key rules and interpretations of Australian Football, which will provide you with a greater understanding of our game.

To maintain and enhance Australian Football as the most spectacular game in the world, the game at AFL level must remain entertaining and exciting to watch and safe to play within the confines of a body contact sport.

Download Laws of Australian Football 2016 PDF below.

2016 Laws of Australian Football.pdf 2016 Laws of Australian Football.pdf
Size : 513.304 Kb
Type : pdf

The guiding principles for the Laws of the Game are:

Players of various sizes, football and athletic ability have an opportunity for success in the game played at the highest level.

The direction and movement of the ball is unpredictable and has few restriction.

There are few restrictions on where player can be located across the ground.

Continuous and free flowing football is encouraged ahead of repetitive short passages of play.

The Laws of the Game balances offensive and defensive aspects of play, where an attacking style of game is encouraged.

The unique characteristics of the game should be maintained and encouraged

Player health and safety is protected via the Laws of the Game, interpretations and officiating

A priority of the Laws, interpretations and officiating is to reward and protect the player who makes winning the ball their primary objective

Australian Football at AFL level should be maintained as a physically tough and contested game with appropriate consideration to player health and safety.

Rule and interpretation changes will be considered if there is an opportunity to further enhance, or address trends that threaten the principles of the Laws of the Game.

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